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SINGLE IN SOCAL Have you asked yourself, "How are people getting all those dates?"  Every relationship begins with a date. Every date begins with a simple flirt. Our dating & relationship seminars answer questions, teach new skills, and are action oriented for results in a fun, interactive environment.

ROSIE ANAYA   Rosie is constantly looking for information that benefits the single community.  Her perspective is faith based and grounded in integrity. She is committed to helping singles find successful relationships.

SINGLE IN SOCAL How do you keep a person attracted to you? Learning the 13 Keys of successful relationships to which are vital to lasting attraction, dating and marriage. We are committed to successful relationships.

SINGLE IN SOCAL Come learn something about attracting men. Did you know that after meeting you, a man knows if he will date you in 4 minutes? People form their opinions of you based on first impressions. So let's work on first impressions! 

Our Mission Statement 
To provide our community of singles with friendship, information and skills for change. To encourage singles to stop dreaming and start living by addressing shyness and empowering people towards  successful relationships. 


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