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Life is better in a Small group

Thursday Evening Meetings  Covina, California
7:30-9:30 PM 
​$5 Admission
​200 N. Second Ave 
Christ First Church
The Creative Room
​ ​Free parking

 Transformation Workshops

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$5 per class Questions? Call Rosie (626) 590-9091


Rosie Anaya, is a warm, encouraging, and humorous 
​presenter. She is good at taking complicated material and simplifying it into easy pieces. Her teaching background is evident. Rosie's passion about single people's concerns and need for community and support is impressive.

This 5 week workshop  will investigate the messy topic of how we love. You can live a fulfilling life regardless of your past or present circumstances. Love changes everything. Each of us love in a unique way. Why? Because our unique parents imprinted us on loving when we were young.  Then later, we formed our own style of loving others. The way we love others is based upon the needs that we had a children.  Four love styles will  be explored. Can a person have more than one love style? You bet! Our Thursday group Comfort Circle of Growth will meet to answer these challenging questions. 

The topics for this Presentation are as follows:

1. The Avaoider Love style

2. The Pleaser Love Style

3. The Vacillator Love Style

4. The Chaotic Love Style

5. The Ideal Love Style

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