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Life is better in a Small group

Thursday Evening Meetings  
Covina, California

7:30-9:30 PM  
200 N. Second Ave.
Christ First Church
The Lounge
$5 admission
​​Free parking

  Weekly Workshops

workshop Registration

$5 per class  (please bring exact amount)
Call Rosie (626) 590-9091

-a  brief mixer
-a 25 minute presentation
-a fun practice introductions event
-light refreshments
-plenty of easy free parking


Rosie Anaya, is a warm, encouraging, and humorous presenter. She is good at taking complicated material and simplifying it. Her teaching background is evident and her passion about single life is impressive.

"How We Love" Workshop

Valuable Relationship Information 

Relationally, you have a choice about who you are and who you can become. Your expectations and relationship style TODAY is determined by your childhood imprint of long ago. Do you desire better but don’t know how? This workshop series will uncover groundbreaking principles and skills that can stop busting and start building lasting relationships of all kinds! Learn about your own love style:  behaviors, beliefs, and expectations. Professional or person relationships, this information is a game changer.
​See you in class! Each class is a stand alone event. Join at any time.


Imprints of Intimacy

The Pleaser vs. The Controller
The Avoider vs. The Vacillator